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Casa Blanca: A Special Community in Paradise Valley, Arizona

By Dennis Carr

The History

The community of Casa Blanca in Paradise Valley is unlike any other in Arizona.  The white exterior and Morrocon influenced architecture boasts a minaret topped dome and is surrounded by the peaceful expansive Rose Garden.  Multiple pool sites, desert gardens, and views of Camelback Mountain make it distinct from communities.  Situated on a 22 acre site and originally a Kellogg Family Winter Residence (2nd image below), the one-time resort once hosted hollywood stars, dignitaries, and was also used as a corporate retreat.  A convenient air-strip to the Northeast of the property offered exclusivity for guests wanting privacy and less distraction from the public.

It is said that the Duke of and Dutchess of Windsor and their entourage were once scheduled  to winter at Casa Blanca when it was a resort.  Apparently, the Duke had a habit of running up expensive hotel tabs and had just skipped out on a resort bill in Florida.  Ironically, the manager of that resort at the time happened to be the brother of the manager at Casa Blanca.  Upon learning of the Duke’s unpaid bills, the manager promptly cancelled the Duke’s reservation and notified him that he and his party were no longer welcome.

View of the Rose Garden at Casa Blanca from unit #12 Balcony

Original Kellog Family Residence

The Allure

What makes Casa Blanca so special?  It’s the ambience of non-symmetrical meandering streets, Territorial/Santa Fe Architecture with Moroccon accents, expansive manicured desert gardens, multiple pool locations, views of camelback mountain, walking distance to Cholla Trailhead, and close proximity to Scottsdale Fashion Square. Living at Casa Blanca is a resort-like experience, yet more relaxing due to lack of guest turnover. There is a 24/7 guarded gate security presence monitoring visitors, vendors, and deliveries.  The guards get to know the residents and raise the entry gate for each one of them.

Arched Entrance to the Rose Garden at the community of Casa Blanca located in Paradise Valley, Arizona

The Residents

About 40% of Casa Blanca residents are not permanent.  Many live in the midwest and spend the winter in Arizona.  Others live in western states such as California and visit throughout the year.  As a consequence of the large number of part-time residents, the community is mostly quiet and tranquil.  Casa Blanca does not allow short-term weekly rentals, and the majority of owners don’t want the hassle of renting while they are away.  The median age of the population in the Paradise Valley Zip Code 85253 is currently 51.  However, my guess is this number is about 10 years higher at Casa Blanca.

The Property

Phase 1 of Casa Blanca sits in the middle area of the 22 acre site.  It is the historical resort section (see black and white image below) and contains 37 residences averaging 1377 sq. ft. of living area.  The lots in phase 1 average 1175 sq ft.   There are a mixture of one-story and two-story units with many having private courtyards and rose garden views.  This section is built to commercial grade construction standards considering it was once a resort.  In the late 70’s these units were sold off as fee simple townhomes.  This section also contains the main pool area with jacuzzi, cabana, and fireplace.  All the units in phase 1 come with a dedicated carport, extra open parking space, and an enclosed storage area for golf clubs or bicycles. 31 of the 37 townhomes in this historical section have courtyards (see image below showing green dots where courtyards are located). To get a better idea of what a townhome in Casa Blanca looks like, you can click here to read about 5101 North Casa Blanca Drive #12.

Overhead historical image of Casa Blanca with the old airstrip to the Northeast

Image Showing Homes with Courtyards in Phase 1 of Casa Blanca

Phase 2 was built in 1986 and is located on the southern side of Casa Blanca.  This portion also contains 37 townhomes; 14 single-level and 23  two-level. The average living area and lot sq. ft. is about 1885.  These homes include courtyards, attached single car carports, and a dedicated extra guest parking area.  There are also additional guest parking spots spread out in Casa Blanca.

Phase 3, to the north, was built in 1991-92.  Located here are 38 single-family detached residences with attached garages.  The average size of the homes in this section is 2186 sq. ft. while the average lot size is 4248 sq. ft.  Vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan with clerestory windows are common here.  A backyard courtyard area is also a standard feature in this section.

Low Maintenance Living

The lots are small in Casa Blanca, boding well for those not wanting to spend time doing yard work.  The maintenance crew handles front yard landscaping along with the common area garden areas throughout the community.  Due to the limited lot space, there is only one private pool in the community out of a total of 138 residences.  The three common pool areas provide easy access to relax, have fun, and socialize with neighbors.  Attention tennis players: Casa Blanca also has you covered with two courts adjacent to the lap pool located at Phase 2.

Learn More about Casa Blanca

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